Johnny Harris Restaurant Cookbook


Our favorite recipes from the last 90 years!



Johnny Harris Restaurant has been a mainstay of Savannah, Georgia, since its founding in 1924. From its beginnings as a humble tavern, over time the restaurant has become well known for its barbecue, fried chicken, and Southern hospitality.

Johnny Harris Restaurant has been in author Julie Donaldson Lowenthal’s family since her grandfather, Kermit “Red” Donaldson, began working there at age seventeen. Over the years, Red became not only the restaurant’s manager but also a trusted friend to Johnny Harris himself. He became the full owner in 1943.

Gathering decades of restaurant lore along with more than one hundred delicious recipes, this cookbook serves up the colorful history of one of the South’s most beloved dining spots. “If only these bricks could talk,” says Lowenthal, “They could tell so many wonderful stories.”


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